CEGEN offers a patent pending application designed to exploit wasted wind power created by exhaust and convert the air flow into green energy.
This green energy can bring electricity to a Natural Gas Compressor in remote locations.

Aerospace & Military

Millions of people worldwide are impacted by the deafening noise that erupts from airports. The effects can mask speech and other sounds, disturb activities, cause vibrations and disrupt quiet or calm environments.


In today’s forest machine industry, achieving a low noise level is of great interest and a requirement of many noise regulators.

It is important to create a comfortable noise level for field workers and residents in surrounding communities.


Mines are required to follow stringent environmental practices and regulations in order to minimize their impact on both the environment and human health.

Find out how Noise Solutions is making a positive impact.

OIl & Gas

Oil and gas exploration, drilling, processing and distribution involve equipment and processes that combine to create high levels of noise emissions. Find out how Noise Solutions products and services are combating the issue.


The CEGEN Genset

The Micro-CEGEN 1 kW units is the answer to remote sites without grid power and have low energy needs. Typically, a natural gas compressor has only one operational need, 200 watts of power to for the PLC.


  • Very low maintenance
  • Fast Installs
  • Clean power source
  • No increase in your environmental footprint

Vertical Fan Cooler Unit

The vertical fan coolers are mostly used for compressor applications up to 1500 HP. Power consumption needs vary depending on applications, HVAC systems, auxiliary operations etc. Depending on air flow volumes and the exhaust wind speeds, CEGEN Green Energy Technology can generate from 2-5 kW on smaller coolers, while the larger units can generate well above 40 kW/h or more!

Easy installs in most cases only two days, with no additional foundations or physical footprint. The CEGEN design can be an easy fit for your vertical coolers, green field or brown, new compression or retrofits to meet added electrical draws.

Horizontal Cooler

The power generation equipment for the Horizontal cooling unit includes.


  • CEGEN 80 kW unit (double horizontal fan application)
  • Inverters and Associated Equipment
  • No added physical footprint
  • Shipping Estimate
  • Installation Estimate


CEGEN’s Clean Energy Gensets (CE-GENSET) generate electricity by directing mechanically generated constrained airflows through a turbine, driving a permanent magnet generator and converting it to usable clean energy.

Our CE-GENSETs are adaptable to horizontal and vertical airflows, scalable in numbers and outputs to meet industry’s demanding energy needs while also meeting their environmental mandates in relation to Green House Gas (GHG).

Energy produced when applied to your mechanical HVAC exhaust, can be used to supplement the grid power appetite, power your remote facility or eliminate the need for expensive grid connections.


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