Providing all your industrial noise reduction needs for all fundamental sections of your facility.

We offer a variety of elements from a simple mid-grade Engine Exhaust Silencer, to a fully treated, high attenuation package to that will meet the strictest of regulations.

Aerospace & Military

Millions of people worldwide are impacted by the deafening noise that erupts from airports. The effects can mask speech and other sounds, disturb activities, cause vibrations and disrupt quiet or calm environments.


In today’s forest machine industry, achieving a low noise level is of great interest and a requirement of many noise regulators.

It is important to create a comfortable noise level for field workers and residents in surrounding communities.


Mines are required to follow stringent environmental practices and regulations in order to minimize their impact on both the environment and human health.

Find out how Noise Solutions is making a positive impact.

OIl & Gas

Oil and gas exploration, drilling, processing and distribution involve equipment and processes that combine to create high levels of noise emissions. Find out how Noise Solutions products and services are combating the issue.

low frequency sound management


Noise Solutions’ family of Zeron® Engine Exhaust Silencers target the most pervasive and troublesome noise — the low frequency end of the noise spectrum that conventional mufflers can’t effectively control. The ZERONoise engine exhaust silencer attenuates both exhaust noise and shell noise.

Sound Facts on the Zeron:

  • Our full catalogue of exhaust silencers range from a 30 dBA reduction all the way up to a 70 dBA reduction at the tailpipe for those very critical applications
  • Our catalogue includes an exhaust silencer/integrated catalyst design called the EMCON
  • Minimal system back pressure enables engines to run at peak  efficiency
  • Integrated sacrificial anode offers further corrosion protection
  • Premium insulation allows muffler shell to stay cool and quiet


Rental mufflers are available for short term applications such as drilling and/or fracking sites.

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Our vertical and horizontal Cooler Fan Silencers are recognized for their superior acoustical performance. Specializing in low frequency attenuation of a fans blade, our catalogue mitigation design range is from -18 to -40dBA. Custom designs are available for unique applications and high specified reductions.

Cooler Silencer Facts:

  • Unrestricted air intake
  • Unimpeded air outlet
  • Seal to grade
  • Self-supporting


Acoustically-treated ventilation for both powered and non-powered sites dissipates heat from fully enclosed buildings, and ensures that the right amount of airflow continuously sweeps across the engine and compressor.

This allows compressors to operate with windows and doors closed, while keeping the interior of the building cool without releasing loud noise.

Acoustic Ventilation

  • Induced
  • Fan-forced
  • Flow-through


Noise walls are engineered to meet each noise challenge. Our design criteria includes height to increase the “sound shadow” of the wall, making it more effective. Wall make up to meet the transmission loss needed to reduce the industrial noise impact on the residents and absorption to minimize refection of the noise to another receiver.


  • Engineered to meet the wind loads
  • 22 gauge pre-painted galvanized steel cladding (standard colors)
  • 20 gauge mill finish perforated aluminum line (30% open area)
  • Reinforced top channel (10 gauge steel) with bolted lifting eye hooks, Two (2) per section, so sections can be lifted inand out
  • Fast Install


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