NSI Global Technologies has partnered with R4, a well-established company in Calgary, Alberta with over 25 years experience in their team.
R4 Takes a proactive approach to develop sustainable and natural products that combat pathogens and dioxins, while increasing the efficacy and valuation of pre-existing operations.

Aerospace & Military

Millions of people worldwide are impacted by the deafening noise that erupts from airports. The effects can mask speech and other sounds, disturb activities, cause vibrations and disrupt quiet or calm environments.


In today’s forest machine industry, achieving a low noise level is of great interest and a requirement of many noise regulators.

It is important to create a comfortable noise level for field workers and residents in surrounding communities.


Mines are required to follow stringent environmental practices and regulations in order to minimize their impact on both the environment and human health.

Find out how Noise Solutions is making a positive impact.

OIl & Gas

Oil and gas exploration, drilling, processing and distribution involve equipment and processes that combine to create high levels of noise emissions. Find out how Noise Solutions products and services are combating the issue.

environmental management


R4 is an Environmental Consulting and Research & Development Company.  We work with various industries such as Engineering, Oil and Gas, Real Estate both Residential and Commercial, Facilities Management, Aviation and Construction.  We offer services in conducting and completing Environmental Impact and Site Assessments, Building Condition Assessments, Operational Management Systems and Innovative product development for environmental conditioning and remediation.  We are passionate in committing to a life-long continuous improvement initiatives and programs.

Our alliance partnership with high quality firms in collaboration with our work allows us to provide our clients the confidence they need to strengthen their business.

Our list of Environmental Assessments encompasses:

  • Audit: Operational Management Systems, Environmental Obligations and Quality Assurance, Construction Management, P.E.S.T /P.E.S.T.E.L Organizational Analysis: Political, Economical, Social and Technological, Environmental and Legal, Environmental Impact Assessment, Environmental Stewardship Programs
  • Environmental Conditioning, Siting and Mapping of Microbes, Antibiotics
  • Participating in Research and Development across 7 Countries, 14 Scientist, 5 International Institutes
  • Access to – over 160 Countries Collaborative Research, 200,000 Scientist and their Research Papers & Abstracts, 3,000+ Global Events, 1200+ Symposiums and 1200+ Workshops on Medical, Pharma, Engineering, Science, Technology and Business


Soil Harmony Products and Services – Harmonizing the ecosystem using a holistic approach

By further refining and developing guidelines and standards that incorporate microbial health to drive successful Operational Excellence Management Systems in the industry, we are helping our clients gain confidence in pursuing projects relentless by supporting the environmental operational obligations.

  • Microbial Credits
  • Aid in further Research and Development of microbes
  • R4 Methodologies Best Practice Solution and Implementation
  • Environmental Assessments and Gap Analysis


Biodiversity from Molecules to Ecosystems – An integrative proactive approach to develop sustainable and natural products that combat pathogens and dioxins, while increasing the efficacy and valuation of pre-existing operations in all sectors and industries that impact the environment like Oil and Gas, Mining, Construction, Engineering and Land operations through Environmental Land Management strategies.

  • Integration
  • Reclamation
  • Renewable Resources
  • Re-Development


Furthering the research of symbiotic relationships within an ecosystem and its biodiversity through our communities.

Management and Cross Cultivation of Soil and Microbial Stimulation:  Beneficial Impact on land management and development, agriculture, commercial turf and ornamentals, urban ecology strategies for better development to our ecosystem

  • The results of our findings will be contributed to various institutions and partnerships with governments, non government agencies, private and public companies to help improve, discover and empower the microbiological studies for  antibiotic research and development that will help facilitate healthier communities and the environment.
  • Specifically, our focus will be contributing to help propel the research, understanding and development of antibiotics like Teixobactin to combat superbugs.
  • Presently in Canada, environmental processes, soil remediation and soil sampling has only significantly participated in the research and development of microbes within the confines and goals specific to natural surroundings and environmental conditioning.
  • More recently, findings in the USA has evolved the isolation of microbes and cultivation of micro organism beyond the petri-dish technology by using Isolation Chips (i-Chips) to nurture unculturable micro-organism to thrive from a 1% succession rate to 50% succession to better understand nature, nutrients and organisms as a whole thereby propelling the discovery of new antibiotics like Teixobactin and related research of understanding pathogens, dioxins and resistance to superbugs that heavily affect and impact the environment and living organism especially humanity.
  • This untapped market of assisting and aiding Environmental, Health Organizations, Organizations that influence our Eco System, all level of Governments and Mother Nature holistically is profound and a break through that R4 is very excited to be a part of.



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