NSI Global Technologies has partnered with a well-established company in Calgary, Alberta with many years of experience in their team.
Innovative engineering consulting firm who brings abstract ideas to reality.

Aerospace & Military

Millions of people worldwide are impacted by the deafening noise that erupts from airports. The effects can mask speech and other sounds, disturb activities, cause vibrations and disrupt quiet or calm environments.


In today’s forest machine industry, achieving a low noise level is of great interest and a requirement of many noise regulators.

It is important to create a comfortable noise level for field workers and residents in surrounding communities.


Mines are required to follow stringent environmental practices and regulations in order to minimize their impact on both the environment and human health.

Find out how Noise Solutions is making a positive impact.

OIl & Gas

Oil and gas exploration, drilling, processing and distribution involve equipment and processes that combine to create high levels of noise emissions. Find out how Noise Solutions products and services are combating the issue.

ENGINEERING management


We offer many acoustical services including:

Noise Impact Assessments (NIA)

We offer both actual and theoretical NIA’s for your facility. This is a very effective tool helps prevent and manage noise related issues.

You receive a report that details all the elements of your facility. The sources are shown from highest to lowest impact, and you receive a Noise Attenuation Plan with the report.

Comprehensive Sound Survey (CSS)

A CSS is the continuous monitoring at specifically impacted locations, or affected dwellings, in order to determine the industrial noise that can be heard.

These reports are critical to proving compliance or measuring community impact.

Ambient Sound Survey

Similar to a Comprehensive Surveys, the Ambient Sound Survey will determine pre-construction sound levels.


Employees exposure to noise levels, is a critical part of OSHA. NSI Global Tech will fit devices to employees and monitor typical exposure during a workday. We then provide a clear assessment report with the findings and a noise attenuation plan.


Providing comprehensive services for the planning and design of structures, including analysis, evaluation and inspection. We specialize in conventional, unconventional, and complex structural designs. Our engineers possess the skills and expertise along with the necessary tools to analyze and solve complex problems in structural engineering. Engineering services focus on cost-effective solutions and ensure that projects exceed client expectations.

Services Oil & Gas

  • Building Acoustics
  • Environmental Acoustics
  • Transportation Noise
  • Drilling and Fracking Noise


We involve engineers from multiple disciplines in every project. This allows for well-rounded design knowledge and analysis in order to produce flawless designs. Our exceptional reputation for engineering and design is a result of collective thinking leading to effective solutions. We also take pride in our methods of analysis in order to ensure that safety requirements are exceeded.

Some of our offerings include:

  • HVAC Studies
  • Fugitive emissions studies
  • Thermodynamics, heat transfer, energy conversion
  • Instrumentation and measurement
  • Hydraulics, and pneumatics


Our Pipeline Engineering team understands the challenges involved with pipeline projects including industry policies, location obstacles, and environmental impact.  We incorporate our knowledge into your project and design requirements for the most accurate and cost-effective design.

Some of our offerings include:

  • Pipeline Design
  • Highway Pipeline Crossing
  • Pipe Support Sections
  • Technical Bid Evaluation


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