The evolution of NSI Global Technologies

Since 1997, Noise Solutions Inc. has been the leading provider of Engineered Turnkey Industrial Noise Solutions for Oil & Gas, Energy, Mining, and Aerospace.

The Beginning

In 1997 Rod and Scott MacDonald shared the vision of creating products and processes for Industrial Noise Suppression. This team forged ahead with product development, creating a system that abates Noise for the Oil and Gas and Energy industries. They founded Noise Solutions Inc., which has become a global leader in engineering turnkey environmental and occupational noise.

In 1999, Noise Solutions was approached for an extremely unique project; the engineering, designing and manufacturing of an attenuation plan for NASA’s Shuttle Crawler Transporter and its hydraulic system. We are very proud of this accomplishment and all projects we been privileged to be a part of.

Over the years our projects have crossed the Globe from North America to Australia.

Our team knows that each situation is unique, but the science always remains, providing us proven results with each time.

the evolution

Noise Solutions has evolved from noise attenuating products and now includes Clean Energy Generation, Engineering, Environmental, and General Contractors.

Emerging as a Full Turnkey company, ensuring our customers deal with one vendor for the entire project. Right from Noise Impact Assessments to Installation, ensuring the most thorough service with unparalleled results.

As we evolve into a new phase, we do so with the foundation of where we started, and those roots will never fade. Our newest offerings of Clean Energy Generation are just the beginning of embracing change in the twenty-first century.

Our name will evolve but our commitment to product innovation and sound engineering that has led us down this path will remain. Bringing our broad range of experiences and technologies, and focusing on the changing needs of the environment, we will be partnering with organizations having the same objectives.

We are proud to announce that Noise Solutions Inc. will now be known as NSI Global Technologies.

The future

Armed with a Diversified, Versatile and Innovative catalogue of leading-edge technologies and services, NSI Global Technologies is ready to meet industries operational and environmental goals and mandates. With teams working together to never stop looking for elegant, innovative solutions to simple and complex industrial challenges.


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